Vermiculite is a dusty, granular product that looks like grey kitty litter. It was poured from bags into attics and walls and used as insulation. Vermiculite can contain asbestos in the dust or as chunks of fibers. The EPA recommends that you assume all vermiculite contains asbestos.

The ZAI Trust was created to help homeowners with the cost of removing this dangerous material. The trust provides reimbursements towards the cost of vermiculite abatement. Visit for more information.

To determine eligibility for reimbursement of vermiculite abatement costs under the ZAI Trust, samples of vermiculite must be collected and submitted to confirm that your vermiculite came from the Libby, Montana mine. We can collect those samples using safe methods and provide you with a free estimate to remove the vermiculite from your home or business. Call us at (360) 389-1056 or email for more information.

If disturbed, the asbestos in the vermiculite could enter your lungs, and cause diseases such as mesothelioma or lung cancer. You should have vermiculite removed by an asbestos abatement company if it might be disturbed.

Asbestos removal can be done in different ways depending on the type of material, the location of the material, and the ability of workers to safely access the material.

Generally, during vermiculite removal, the abatement contractor seals off the work area with plastic sheeting held in place with heavy tape and staples, ventilates the work area with specialized air handlers, and sets up specialized vacuums. The abatement workers enter the work area with respiratory protection and protective clothing. They scoop and vacuum the vermiculite, and seal it in doubled heavy plastic bags. They sample the air at a variety of places including inside and outside the work area, and send those to a lab for testing. Once the air samples pass the tests, the workers return to the site to remove the plastic sheeting.

After the job is complete, you will usually need to insulate the areas where the vermiculite was removed. We can help you schedule reinsulation with our sister company, CAZ Construction.

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