Our mission at CAZ Environmental is to protect the health and safety of our clients, employees and the public. Since 2013, we’ve been accomplishing that mission in residential, commercial and industrial settings throughout northwest Washington.

We often work in complex contracting relationships that involve Federal or State funding, prevailing wages and third-party inspections. Our staff certifications include Asbestos Supervisors, Asbestos Workers and AHERA Inspectors.

The CAZ family of companies provides remodeling, plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, insulation, and asbestos testing and removal services through three separate businesses:

  • CAZ Construction is a general contractor that began providing insulation services in 2010. We’re now also an electrical and plumbing contractor, and provide remodeling and carpentry services as well.
  • CAZ Environmental samples and removes asbestos in settings that range from mobile homes to multi-story industrial towers.
  • Favinger Plumbing handles any size plumbing job – from repiping large commercial buildings to fixing a dripping faucet in a home.

A lot has changed since 2010, but our mission remains the same: To create happy clients by doing our work safely, correctly and on time.