The only way to confirm the presence of asbestos in a substance is to have it tested by an accredited laboratory. You may collect a sample and bring it in to us for testing, or work with an AHERA accredited professional to collect the sample.

We can usually get a sample analysis report back to you within 1-2 business days. We take pride in creating reports that are easy to read, and we’ll walk you through the results to make sure you understand what’s going on and any next steps needed.

How to Drop Off a Sample for Testing

  1. Collect a sample and place it a sealed, airtight container like a resealable bag. Sampling instructions can be found at
  2. Bring your sample to our office at 2034 Franklin St. in Bellingham.
  3. Complete the sample drop-off paperwork.
  4. Pay the sample drop-off fee of $50 per sample. Payment is required at drop off.

What Happens Next

  1. We submit your samples to a laboratory accredited by NVLAP to analyze building materials for asbestos.
  2. We’ll send you the results of the analysis. Results will be sent the next day if you drop off the sample Monday-Wednesday. Samples that are dropped off on Thursday will be sent Monday. We are closed Friday-Sunday.
  3. The results are confidential. We only share results with you and the people you authorize us to send them to.
  4. You can schedule a time for our estimator to give you a free quote for abatement, removal or encapsulation of asbestos-containing materials.